HR plays a key role in preparing an organization for future business challenges. Digital transformations, demographic changes, new organizational models and ever-evolving ways of working impact how organizations manage their human resources to stay ahead of the competition. Today the role of HR is challenged more than ever before. To remain ahead of the game, HR needs to anticipate critical business challenges early on and develop innovative and pragmatic answers that are both efficient and effective.

Like in any other field, startups play a key role in advancing HR practices. Be it through new apps and IT solutions that bring HR closer to the customer or by providing specific expert services in fields such as compensation and benefits, feedback, recruiting or talent management.

The new HR Startup Award, initiated by hkp/// group and Quadriga University is chaired by the Association of HR Managers in Germany (BPM), and serves as a platform for promising startups in the HR market. With its high-caliber Jury the HR Startup Award provides entrepreneurs with a unique chance to promote their business ideas within and beyond the HR community.

The first award will be celebrated at the Personnel Management Congress in Berlin on July, 1 2016.

We look forward to receiving your application for HR Startup Award 2016.

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Personalmanagementkongress 2015

Dr. Elke Eller

Jury Chair and
President BPM

Personalmanagementkongress 2015

Frederik Nyga

Human Resources Manager

Personalmanagementkongress 2015

Michael H. Kramarsch

Jury Vice-Chair and
Managing Partner hkp/// group