HUMANOO wins the HR Startup Award 2017 with a holistic health management solution.


The HR Startup Award 2017 went to HUMANOO, as decided by the audience of the Personnel Management Congress. The startup prevailed against two other companies nominated by the high-calibre jury: HRinstruments–  a feedback toolbox, and Talentwunder – an active sourcing solution that supports recruiting in companies worldwide.

HUMANOO offers companies a holistic health management solution which aims to promote physical and mental health, increase wellbeing and reduce medical visits. The physical and mental health of each user is determined and based on the results customized training courses from the fields of physiotherapy, mental training, workouts and nutrition are recommended.

“We are delighted to win the HR Startup Award,” says Philip Pogoretschnik, founder & CEO of HUMANOO. “With HUMANOO, we have managed to bring a digital product to the workplace through our gift box. This means that not only employees in the office are reached but also those who do not have company emails, such as those working on the shop floor”.