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Who can apply?

The HR Startup Award targets startups in their first five years since incorporation, who offer a ready-to-use product or service marketed towards the HR function in organizations. It addresses organizations with business-to-business (B2B), business-to-customer (B2C) and peer-to-peer (P2P) business models. Startups who already have applied in 2017, may of course apply again this year.


How are the applications evaluated?

After the application deadline, the Jury reviews all submissions and determines the top three finalists. All finalists are invited to present their product or service offering at the Personalmanagementkongress on June 27 in Berlin to the Jury and the Congress participants. The winner will be selected by the Congress participants, who will vote for the best applicant.


Which criteria are considered by the jury in the selection process?

The Jury evaluates the applications in three categories based on the following guiding questions:

1     Solution offering
How good is the quality of the product and/or service offered?
What is the benefit/value for the target group(s) and organization?

Does the solution address a relevant business challenge?
What is the market size for the solution?

2     Entrepreneurship

How sustainable is the applicant’s business model?
How does the applicant position itself against competitors?

How does the applicant’s brand promise fit its product?
How strong is the applicant’s marketing approach?

3     Innovation
How innovative is the applicant’s solution compared to existing products and services?
Is the applicant part of a larger market movement or a disruptive innovator?
How sustainable is the solution when taking into account current and upcoming market trends?
How flexible is the solution in addressing potential business challenges?


What does the application have to contain?

  • General information about the company
  • Business description in a single sentence
  • Completed application form with general information (e.g. name, company ownership structure, founding team, current management team, date of incorporation, etc.).


  • Company description:
  • Summary of the company strategy and product
  • Business plan and marketing strategy
  • Description of the product or service and target market


  • Additional material and links
  • Accompanying materials are limited to three documents.
  • Examples of possible illustrative documents are planning documents, press releases, images, presentations (no more than 10 slides) or videos. One document equates to one file.
  • In addition, you can specify up to three links to websites, social media platforms, intranet sites, or online videos.
  • It is recommended to amend the application with a short and personal video to give the jury a personal impression of the company, the product or the people behind it. The video offers the opportunity to show how you distinguish yourself from other applicants and why you should be one of the three final candidates. You do not need any extensive production or technical equipment – for instance, you may simply use your smartphone camera. The video should not be longer than three minutes. It is up to you what you like to focus on in your video – maybe you just say a few words about your innovative product or give the jury a short virtual tour through your office. It is also imaginable that the founders shortly introduce themselves or some employees! Be creative!

Complementary questions will be found in the actual application form. Moreover, confidential information will not be published at any time.


What language should be used when submitting the applications?

Applications need to be submitted in English or in German.


When is the deadline for applications?

The deadline for award applications is April 29th, 2018.


What is the application fee?

There is no application fee for the HR Startup Award.


When will the finalists be informed?

The finalists will be announced by Mid May 2018.


When will the winner be announced?

The winner will be announced in a plenary session of the Personalmanagementkongress on June 27th, 2018.


Is a personal presentation at the Personalmanagementkongress required to be eligible to win the HR Startup Award?



Do finalists have to purchase a ticket for the Personalmanagementkongress?

No. All finalists are invited to attend the Personalmanagementkongress.



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