Congratulations to this year’s HR Startup Award finalists! On June 30th, the three finalists will present their product/ service at the Personnel Management Congress in Berlin.



HRInstruments offers a cloud-based feedback toolbox for companies that includes feedback for managers, 360 degree feedback, team diagnoses and employee surveys. These instruments contribute to an improved collaboration and development of employees and managers in teams and organizations and to an establishment of feedback cultures. The long-term goal is to increase the motivation, satisfaction and performances of employees and managers.

HUMANOO by eTherapists

HUMANOO is a holistic, digital solution for company health management. It provides each user with integrated health training, determining the individual’s physical and mental health status in order to offer them customized coaching in physiotherapy, brain fitness, workouts and nutrition. HUMANOO aims to promote health and increase overall well-being, reducing the number of annual doctor’s visits and increasing happiness both in the workplace and in private life.


Talentwunder is a web based talent sourcing software that is connecting recruiters with potential job candidates worldwide. Over 50 social networks are indexed, where people are publishing their professional skills (like XING, Stackoverflow and ResearchGate), to make a total of 1.6 billion profiles searchable. With the special big data search and predictive analytics Talentwunder does not only help recruiters find talent with the right skill, but also helps recruiters choose the ones who are most likely to switch jobs.