Die Innovationskultur von Start-ups ist für die Weiterentwicklung der Personalarbeit hoch relevant. Der HR Start-up Award sucht zum fünften Mal frische Ideen und Vorwärtsdenker, um gemeinsam die Zukunft der Arbeit zu gestalten.

An innovative start-up culture is highly relevant for the future development of human resources management. The HR Start-up Award is looking for new ideas and forward-thinking talents to shape the future of work for the fourth time.

An innovative start-up culture is highly relevant for the future development of human resources management. The HR Start-up Award is looking for new ideas and forward-thinking talents to shape the future of work for the fourth time.

An innovative start-up culture is highly relevant for the future development of human resources management. The HR Start-up Award is looking for new ideas and forward-thinking talents to shape the future of work for the fourth time.

Die Innovationskultur von Start-ups ist für die Weiterentwicklung der Personalarbeit hoch relevant. Der HR Start-up Award sucht zum fünften Mal frische Ideen und Vorwärtsdenker, um gemeinsam die Zukunft der Arbeit zu gestalten.

HR Start-up Award


January 24th, 2020
Start of the application phase is getting closer!
By beginning of February the application phase for the HR Start-up Award 2020 will begin. Once again the award will be hosted at the HR Management Congress (PMK) in Berlin – celebrating five years of public awareness for HR innovation makers at the award ceremony, taking place at the Berlin Congress Center on June 24th! In 2019, the audience declared vote2work the winner – a start-up enabling flexible, self-determined workforce planning even in the blue collar sector. Curious to see which development will be voted to the top this year?

June 11th, 2019
There’s more opportunity than risk in every innovation!
It’s not long until it’s that time again: the winner of the fourth HR Start-Up Award will be crowned at the HR Management Conference in Berlin on June 26, 2019. But before the much-anticipated vote, the finalists will each hold a pitch. What does it feel like to be part of the competition and everything else that goes along with it?! Daniel Schmelzer, Managing Director of everskill – the lucky winner of the 2018 award – obliged us by giving his insights in an interview.
June, 27th, 2019
Vote2Work wins the HR Start-up Award 2019
Application for digital resource planning in the blue-collar sector wins prestigious award for entrepreneurs in HR. With 46 applications, the HR Start-up Award has reached an all-time high in its fourth year. The winner of the HR Start-up Award 2019 is Vote2Work – a start-up that offers software for digital workforce planning and employee-defined, flexible work in the case of desk-free activities, for example in shift systems in production, healthcare or the service sector.

Daniel, what is everskill all about? What’s your USP?
We help people to train like top athletes once they’ve completed soft skill training sessions. We make sure that employees achieve lasting training success through receiving regular instruction with our mobile platform and that HR departments inspire the talented individuals working for their companies. Unlike most blended learning providers, everskill allows participants to draw up individual training plans and apply them directly in their everyday lives by practicing new behaviors. So, in a nutshell, if I were a participant, I’d receive a reminder to plan my working day at 8.45 a.m.. I’d then be able to track this in the app with the learning diary and then share my findings with my colleagues. Completing quizzes isn’t the only way to learn; it’s vital to specifically apply what you’re learning too!

How has your company developed since you won the HR Start-Up Award in 2018?
We have continued to develop since winning the award. Nowadays, it’s far easier for HR departments to get started with everskill – and also to keep an eye on all their training courses with everskill too. We’ve continuously further developed the app too. It’s even more intuitive today than it was before!

What stage were you at when you applied to take part in the competition last year?
everskill has already enjoyed superb success with all sizes of company. But we were right at the point where we wanted to, were able to and had to expand even further into the market.

How would you describe your experience at the HR Start-Up Award?
Thinking professionally, it’s really helpful to be asked what your actual USP is for the award. Emotionally, the experience was absolutely amazing and very multi-faceted too. The team was thrilled to bits about winning the award. So, Anna Hartmann and I naturally held a live FaceTime session with everyone who didn’t attend while we were at the event in person. For our existing customers, the experience also confirmed the fact that they’re working with an innovative company. The HR Development department of one of our large customers, for instance, sent us a picture of the award ceremony. They were at the conference too.

What a wonderful story! Especially since it confirms that HR managers and start-ups really are getting closer in the competition. And that’s one of our most important goals. Another one is to draw attention to innovations in HR management. Digitalization is currently on everyone’s lips. So, is that even necessary?
Definitely. Unfortunately, we often still find that HR managers are only making slow progress when it comes to innovation, which is why it’s important to show the market has to offer. However, it’s also important to stress that there’s more opportunity than risk in every innovation!

So, do you reckon that companies and start-ups need to interact more?
Yes. That’s definitely one technique you could use to pave the way. But it takes more than a five-minute pitch to see an innovation being implemented afterwards in reality. In this regard, decision-makers have to be prepared to travel down what is sometimes a rocky road. It’s just something you have to do if you are or want to be an innovator.

Do you have any tips for the finalists? How can entering the competition be a success, no matter whether you win it or not?
The finalists should get as much feedback on their pitch as they can when preparing. Doing that will not only improve their pitch for the competition, but more importantly, it will also refine their message when it comes to addressing decision-makers. When they’re actually at the event, it’s also important for them to market their own presence by word of mouth as well as on social media.

Daniel, thank you for taking part in this interview!

May 24th, 2019

The finalists  of the #HRStartupAward 2019

The finalists of the 2019 HR Start-up Award have been selected: quofox, MotionMiners and Vote2Work – three young companies that once again demonstrate the diversity of applications in HR: quofox as a “global learning platform for ‘lifelong learning’ in the digital age”, MotionMiners as an analytics solution for optimizing ergonomics, productivity and efficiency, and Vote2Work as a tool for collaborative personnel deployment planning, particularly of shift and blue-collar workers.

April 9th, 2019

Last Call: Apply for the #HRStartupAward by April 14!

On Sunday, April 14, 2019 the application period for the fourth #HRStartupAward 2019 ends. If you like to present yourself and your product to the audience of one of the biggest events for HR decision makers in Germany in June – the Personalmanagementkongress 2019 in Berlin – you should use the last few days for your quick application! Two days of networking are waiting for all finalists. The winner gets rewarded with media budget worth 5000 Euro, individual coaching and access to a big HR network. A prize in the spirit of this year’s motto: HR Start-up Award – closer to business!

April 2nd, 2019

“Business Tinder for New Work — That describes it quite well.”
Jana Tepe, co-founder of Tandemploy, talks about her start-up and entering the 2016 HR Start-Up Award competition.

When Jana Tepe and Anna Kaiser entered the 2016 HR Start-Up Award competition, their software was not nearly as sophisticated as it is now. They made up for that with the strength of their vision and persuasion. Today the two co-founders are sought after go-to persons for policy makers and quite at home on any #NewWork stage up and down the country. There is no lack of customers either. The IT giant SAP, for instance, has not only started to use the Tandemploy solution, it also makes it available to its own clients. We talked to Jana Tepe about the development of Tandemploy and entering the 2016 HR Start-Up Award competition.

March 26th, 2019

HR Tech: Hidden Champions shape the future of work

Do you remember the quest for the “next big thing”? It might be tempting, but leads you up the garden path. It is no longer about the emergence of single digital heavy-weights. It is about a diverse innovation sector, these days characterized by start-ups. They make a big contribution to future-proofing the economic sector. A far too rarely talked-about example for that are HR start-ups. Michael Kramarsch, Managing Partner of hkp/// group, together with BPM president Dr. Elke Eller a judge of the HR Start-up Award, explains at future-of-HR.com why start-ups in the personnel management field are playing a key role in the future of work (article in German).
read more on www.future-of-HR.com

March 13th, 2019

And the winner was… HUMANOO!
Founder Philip Pogoretschnik on his participation in the HR Start-up Award 2017

Many ideas are good in a timeless way, but eventually become outdated. Take, for example, company team sports. While providing a real benefit enjoyed by employers and employees alike, it rarely inspires wide sections of the workforce. HUMANOO, a digital health platform that incentivizes the health commitment of employees, has set out to change this. In 2017, CEO and founder Philip Pogoretschnik convinced the audience at the HR Start-up Awards with this idea. A short interview about his HR Start-up award experience and the development of his start-up.

The Award

The innovation prize for the HR community: The HR Start-up Award has been providing highly promising start-up companies, focusing on HR orientated products, a high-profile platform since 2016. Those who make it to the final are able to pitch their product in front of a top-class judging panel and a large audience of decision-makers and experts in the field of HR management. Apart from the award event itself, the finalists have the opportunity to interact with their target group as part of the Human Resource Management Congress. Previous winners include Tandemploy, Humanoo and everskill.

The initiators of the HR Start-up Award include the Federal Association of Human Resource Managers (BPM), the hkp/// group, Human Resource Manager Magazine and Quadriga University. The aim is to bring the innovations of Start-ups into the HR community, to learn from each other, to shape the future of work together – and, as a result, ensure economic sustainability in disruptive times.

As in other areas, start-ups also play a very significant role in promoting new HR practices. Whether it’s through innovative apps and IT solutions that bring the HR department closer to the customer or specific expertise in the areas of compensation and benefits, feedback, recruitment and talent management.

What does the winner get?
Who can apply?
How is the winner chosen?

These and other questions are answered on our FAQ page.

We look forward to your application!

The Judges

The Winners

The Initiators

“Creating solutions together for the workplace of the future!”

The Federal Association of Human Resources Managers (BPM) is the leading professional association for human resources managers from companies, associations and other organizations. Its mission is to build an HR community to network and learn from each other in order to jointly develop solutions for the workplace of the future. The HR Start-up Award contributes to this by showcasing the innovations and the subsequent exchange between founders and HR professionals.

“The HR Start-up Award shows entrepreneurs and companies the opportunities the future holds!”

As an international management consultancy at the intersection of strategy, HR and finance, the hkp/// group develops digitalization, its potential and challenges, in a diverse range of customer projects. As human resources management is an essential driver of change processes in companies, solutions not only have consequences for HR, but for the entire organization and its ability to innovate. As initiator of the HR Start-up Award, we want to show start-up entrepreneurs as well as established companies the opportunities the future holds.

Supporting disruptive potential!

Quadriga University of Applied Sciences is a catalyst for knowledge that fosters innovation and develops HR Executives into modern HR Leaders. Disrupting and empowering people to create innovation run through our institutional DNA just as much as digital transformation, leadership and professional excellence. And as we take our approach to revolutionizing professions such as Human Resources very seriously, we love to support your disruptive potential by bringing the HR Start-Up Award to life.

“The ideal opportunity to discover HR trends and the people behind them!”


Human Resources Manager is the leading magazine for HR management in Germany. Featuring opinion pieces, case studies and reports, the magazine is the knowledge-sharing platform for HR managers. The HR Startup Award presents the ideal opportunity to discover HR trends and the people behind them. With the ambition to report on new developments before anyone else, the award is a valuable source of content and inspiration.


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